Baby Brezza’s products are exclusively distributed by BaBy Brezza Vietnam. It is guaranteed for free when identifying defective products by the manufacturer and within the warranty period.

Warranty conditions

  1. Warranty period: 12 months.
  2. Technical support: 24 months when the product is out of warranty.
  3. Product will be 1 for 1 in 7 days with the following conditions:

– Manufacturer’s defective product.

– Warranty card must be filled in full information (not erased, not crossed out).

  1. If the product is damaged by the user, the product will not be covered under warranty.
  2. The product will not be covered under warranty if it is repaired by an unauthorized facility.

Limited warranty

  1. Product warranty period expired.
  2. Warranty card isn’t filled in full.
  3. Product hasn’t warranty card and hasn’t genuine stamps of Baby Brezza Viet Nam.
  4. Product with signs of opening box, exchanging good.
  5. The product is damaged due to misuse of the power source, the bad electrical connections, malfunctioning, or improper use.
  6. The product is installed and operated continuously beyond the specified in the user manual.
  7. Products damaged by natural disasters or in case of force majeure such as fire, flood, lightning, earthquake, …
  8. The product is no longer intact. It is dropped, impacted or other object falls and damages.
  9. The product will not be warranted when customer buys goods at agent that isn’t the agent of Baby Brezza Viet Nam.
  10. Customer self-repair or repair at warranty centers not authorized by the Manufacturer.
  11. Warranty does not cover shipping and delivery charges.

*** If your product has legitimate manufacturing defect, please contact Baby Brezza Customer Service so that we can assist you in determining which warranty may be applicable.

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